Our Approach

Palamon Capital Partners is a private equity partnership that invests growth capital of between €30 million and €100 million in European lower mid-market companies. We manage €1.4 billion of funds on behalf of some of the world’s largest investment institutions and have one of the longest and most consistent track records in private equity. We invest for a majority share in each company we back.

Our Approach


We specialize in rigourous examination of investment opportunities. Our investments often come at points of inflection within a company’s life cycle in order to change the pace of growth and maximize future potential. We are keenly aware of the impact that new funding and ambitious growth plans can have on a company, and we ensure we are prepared for multiple scenarios and outcomes through a process of thoughtful research, data discovery, scenario planning, benchmarking and reliance on outside resources.


Our raw material is people and their ambition, expertise, and ideas they bring to the table. Our entire organisation is structured to capture and amplify creative thinking. Whether it is our investment team or the entrepreneurs and management teams we partner with, collaboration and a full examination of new ideas and approaches are key to our culture and results.


We bring institutional capabilities to entrepreneurial situations, from our Investment Strategy function through to our Structured Finance division. We are supported by a Board of Advisers who provide us with counsel, contacts, expertise and accountability.


Palamon is an egalitarian partnership of private equity professionals, operating from a single office in London. We are owners and operators of our business that has a governance structure emanating from the partnership as a whole. We operate a non-hierachical structure that is based on trust and promotes a meritocracy of ideas.


Good returns rarely come from conventional opportunities. We have the bravery to stand behind our ideas and invest accordingly. We look for entrepreneurs who share our boldness, ambition and respect for new ways of creating business solutions.


When we invest, we do so with absolute conviction, taking a control position and dedicating financial and intellectual resources to each investee company. Our conviction rests on our expertise, experience and an investment process that has proven itself in all market environments over the past 15 years. 


We are always there for the managers and entrepreneurs of our investee businesses – day and night. At least two of our investment professionals are deeply involved with each of our investee companies, taking Board positions and bringing all of Palamon’s resources to bear in helping to overcome hurdles and meet the ambitious growth targets our partners are known for.


We challenge ourselves, each other and the entrepreneurs we back. The willingness to challenge and be challenged helps us find the best possible solutions and is an essential ingredient for success as ambitious growth investors.

At home

We have a single office in London from where we manage our investment activities. This ensures that our efforts are co-ordinated, coherent and informed by the experience and best practices of the entire team and every one of investee companies.


Our multi-cultural investment team is one of the most experienced within the European middle market and has won awards for their results across multiple geographies. We seek the best possible opportunities to execute on our convictions, no matter where in Europe they may be. 

Palamon Capital Partners, LP is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority

Palamon Capital Partners, LP is a limited partnership registered in Scotland and authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. It currently manages three private equity investment funds, which are structured as limited partnerships: Palamon European Equity, L.P. and Palamon European Equity II, L.P.  and Palamon European Equity III, L.P. Palamon Capital Partners, LP operate out of a single office in London with its General Partner being Palamon Capital Partners, LLP (Virginia registered partnership) which is managed and operated by its partners.